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Writing for the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)

I wanted to highlight two recent articles that have appeared online and in print editions of a magazine sent to Emergency Medicine physicians each month.

The first is a collection of book reviews by Emergency Medicine residents in the October 2021 issue of ACEP Now, which included my review of Eula Biss's book, On Immunity. I've reached into Eula Biss's work extensively in the past, including in prior blog posts here and here. She's been influential to me as both a writer and a doctor, and I continue to think that On Immunity is required reading, especially in a time of Covid-19, with its charged politics around masking and vaccination.

The second article addresses a young man in our Emergency Department with opioid use disorder and the first time I told a mother that her child had died. The story was featured in the January edition of ACEP Now as well as in a podcast about the ongoing national opioid epidemic. The podcast delves into the severity of the crisis and what Emergency Medicine providers can do to help. You can also listen to the podcast here:

Emergency Medicine physicians often do much more than show up for their shifts in the hospital, which, in the current healthcare climate, can be challenging in itself. Many of them also engage in cutting-edge research to improve patient care and in political advocacy to influence public health policies. The American College of Emergency Medicine is an inspiring group of physicians active on all of these fronts, and I'm honored to have been a contributor.


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